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Airlaid Non-Woven Material

Airlaid nonwoven material is manufactured out of wood pulp using air ( without the addition of water), by thermobond (using heat for bonding fibres), or latexbond process.
In view of the fact that water is not used formation of this grade, it is highly water absorbent.
The absorbency can be increased to 25 times of its own weight, and also water repellent on the other hand.

Airlaid is strong and durable when wet.
It can be rinsed, wrung out and reused.
Airlaid resists solvents and lubricants.
Airlaid is safe and non-toxic.
Chlorine free pulp is made from wood fibre a renewable natural resource-bonded using environmentally friendly binder sprays.

Sanitary napkins

Feminine Hygiene

We offer both Latex and Thermal bonded airlaid. LB used as the core in Ultra Thin sanitary napkins. TB used in Panty Liners. TB is also produced with Superabsorbent polymers incorporated in the web.
The objective of this product is to develop materials that are ever thinner, absorbent and comfortable against the skin.

Industrial wipes

Industrial Wiping

Airlaid is suitable for cleaning and wiping delicate surfaces. Its uses are growing fast in inflight, electronics and precision industries. It is available in both standard and solvent resistant grades.


Airlaid is available in white and a wide range of different colors.The airlaid is converted by customers into serviettes and table covers.

Wer Ones

Wet Wipes

We have a wide range of suitable materials from low cost canisters to high performance raw materials.

1 Single Layer/ Double Layer 60 – 150 TbAl – MbAl MbAl + NW Feminine Hygiene Adult Incontinence Baby Diapers
2 Multi Layer 50 – 120 MbAl Feminine Hygiene Adult Incontinence Baby Diaper
3 Single Layer/Multi Layer 60 – 220 MbAL Food pads Medical wipes Under pads
4 Single Layer 50 – 110 TbAl – MbAl Baby, Adult Wipes
Home wipes Kitchen towels Industrial wiping cloth
5 Single Layer/Multi Layer 50 – 80 TbAl – MbAl Substrate for card board
Air bubble packaging
6 Single Layer 50 – 100 MbAl Napkins
Table Clothing
7 Single Layer 50 – 80 MbAl Baby, Adult Wipes
Home Wipes
Kitchen Towels
Industrial Wipes
Feminine Hygiene
Table Clothing

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Airlaid non woven for Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia, New Zealand

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